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Depending upon the exact diagnosis of your condition we will use appropriate treatments including:Treatment v2

This is a series of manual techniques applied to the joints of the body and spine to reduce stiffness and relieve pain.

High velocity techniques performed by the physiotherapist to restore joint movement.

Soft Tissue Massage
Techniques applied to the muscles and scar tissue to improve circulation, reduce spasm and restore normal movement and function.

We use a range of tailored exercises to allow you to continue to treat your condition at home. The exercises you will be given are specifically designed to work with your muscles to stretch, build them up, correct imbalance and improve your core stability (Pilates). We will fully explain and demonstrate these exercises and recommend how frequently they are done.

Postural Correction
Where the problem is caused by posture we will advise on how to correct your posture.

We use electrical therapies (Ultrasound and interferential) to treat some deep seated problems and may recommend TENS machine for pain relief at home.

Sports and Remedial Massage
For relief from stress, aches and pains, tension headaches and many more common ailments.