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  • Welcome to AG Physiotherapy  & Wellbeing Clinic

    Welcome to AG Physiotherapy
    & Wellbeing Clinic

    Anthony is delighted to be working above the Healthaus gym which is located within the Hotel De France, opposite The Lido Medical Centre. And joining the team will be Agnes Banach, who specialises in Sports / Swedish Massage and Yoga. Together we will be able to offer complete care for all your health needs, with the added benefit of being able to utilise the exceptional facilities of the Healthaus gym for more specialised rehabilitation if required.
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Mission Statement

“At AG Physiotherapy & Wellbeing Clinic we are here to provide a caring and confidential healthcare service. Our aim is to exceed expectations and work with patients to build personalised treatment programmes. Our skilled physiotherapist has extensive knowledge and understanding to help facilitate an effective return to improved function and the ability to maintain and prevent further injury and pain. With a wide range of research and evidence based procedures and exercise programmes, we are here to monitor and aid recovery giving you the confidence to return to your everyday lifestyle and improve your quality of life.”

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